We work hand in hand with your brand

Going beyond just signing on the dotted line, we collaborate with our brands.


Throughout the Brands Involved™ programme we work closely with all our tenants to give our customers a quality experience. We match brand demand with an aspirational offering and shop-fits that express the positive brand values of our retailers. This is only the start of our profitable relationship as we continue to support and celebrate our partners throughout our journey together.

Stock changes fast, surprises happen and the unexpected arrives! We embrace this and collaborate with our brands to bring a retail experience without compromise.
We have two operational outlets and a third in development and through outlet price and their prime locations, we make great brands more accessible, delighting our customers every time.
We attracted more than
in the last 12 months.
growth in sales in the last year.

* Correct as of 31st March 2016.
Like for like sales for the fiscal year 2016/16.