Our Innovative approach means our schemes are twice the size of traditional outlets. We create the ideal fusion of outlet brands, customer demand and catchment potential.


We create a more entertaining experience

Our flair for captivating our customers attracts a lot of attention.

Shopping is a major leisure activity. People expect more from a centre than just background music, they want an experience. That's why great brands and entertainment is an integral part of our appeal. From live fashion shows and music to celebrity chefs and cartoon characters, if shoppers are looking for a place to relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family, they'll find it at our centres.


We work hand in hand with your brand

Going beyond just signing on the dotted line, we collaborate with our brands.

Through the Brands Involved™ programme we work closely with all our tenants to give our customers a quality experience. We match brand demand with an aspirational offering and shop-fits that express the positive brand values of our retailers. This is only the start of our profitable relationship as we continue to support and celebrate our partners throughout our journey together.


We create destinations with real personality

Delivering vibrant outlets where people can relax and be themselves.

We create destinations where people genuinely want to go. We're pioneers of placemaking. To stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of our customer, we listen to and engage with people who live and work in our catchment. Inspired by these insights, we respond in a sympathetic way, fine-tuning the balance of our offer, so the personality of the centre reflects what people want and we anticipate their needs.


Facts and attractive figures

Lifestyle Outlets is part of The Peel Group whose motto is 'determination, perseverance, patience'. We own, develop and manage a variety of successful retail operations and leisure destinations across the UK, including a major shareholding in intu Properties plc, the UK's leading specialist developer and owner of regional shopping centres.