Leasing Glasgow Harbour

Glasgow Harbour is more than ‘just’ a development – the size and scale of the project means we are creating an entirely new district within the West End of Glasgow, with an integrated mix of high-quality commercial, residential, retail, leisure and public open space.

Unlike any other place within the city, Glasgow Harbour balances a number of qualities in order to create a truly unique location. It has a West End address with both a River Clyde and a River Kelvin waterfront location, but is only around 2.5 miles from George Square. The facilities are and will be urban and contemporary, creating a vibrant environment – but with around 40% of the site given over to public space, it is – and will be – a green and pleasant setting.

The mix of high quality facilities within Glasgow Harbour means that you will be able to work, shop, relax and live all in the one area of the city. You’ll have the convenience of everything in the one location, without having to compromise on quality.

To discuss leasing options available at Glasgow Harbour, please contact our Leasing Team.